Our Programs

Cutz & conversations

Cutz & Conversations is a live real talk session that takes place on college campuses and/or local barbershops. During this event we offer free hairstyles for girls/women and haircut/shapeups for boys/men (ages 15-25) all while having real talk on various topics of conversation connect imagery and life all at one time.


Business day

We believe in knowing how to wear to your suit, but more importantly how to best utilize the suit. Here we teach each recipient how to create a resume and powerpoint presentation. We also conduct mock interviews to give them real-life situations examples before that big interview day comes for their perspective careers. 

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We believe health is the most important thing to be mindful of. Here we create an intense workout atmosphere all while incorporating team building exercises to help eliminate trust issues. Trust is one of the key things young men are scared to do in life. We break these barriers on this day.  

League of me (lom)

League of ME is a community wide panel style event hosted on a college campus that gives real talk from some of today’s top performing influencers. Topics are not limited to: Men vs Women in the entertainment industry, surviving high school/college as a christian, Entrepreneurship, Financial literacy and more. We aim to educated the community utilizing imagery within their perspective dream careers. THIS FREE EVENT IS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!

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SuitedTALKS is the graduation ceremony for the recipients of the program. Each recipients receives their prom items and a BRAND NEW BELT! More importantly we celebrate their growth and their next level of success upon school graduation. 

Every guy knows the some of the best conversations and best advice they've ever received came from the Barbershop. We created a barbershop atmosphere where we curate conversations and sponsor custom haircuts by local celebrity barbers for their prom day.

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