Our Mission

From Saggin' To Suited, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Our mission is to change the image of young men ages 17-24 by providing character building, empowerment sessions and educational development opportunities. 

Marvin Before & After

"I only thought things like this happened in your dreams. From Saggin' To Suited turned my dream into a reality; and I'm forever grateful for the opportunity. THERE'S NOTHING LIKE HAVING YOUR OWN SUIT!"

— Marvin Hernandez - FSTS Alum '18

Overall, From Saggin’ To Suited's main goal is to eliminate Saggin’ pants locally and eventually globally by sponsoring young males in high school during their senior year of school for their senior prom. Males are often overlooked during the prom season. Since most school counties and the board of education in most states has eliminated the business education programs which would require students to dress up for grade purposes along with resume writing and other business fundamentals FSTS picks up the slack where they have left off. The prom season is often highlighted by the female gender. However, From Saggin’ To Suited (FSTS) is a program that not only highlights these young men for prom, but elevates their level of thinking and doing in collaboration with changing their wardrobe. 

Jamil Before & After

"Playing basketball in college was a dream. Outside of my coaches and it being their job, it's rare to find people willing to go beyond their job description to make sure I achieved my goal. FSTS did!"

Jamil Jones - FSTS Alum '18